Yi Quan Arts and Cultural Troupe was successfully established on 5th October in the year 2005 to give our 20 active members an opportunity to express their creativity, power and strength through performing the lion and dragon dances. The lion and dragon dances are art forms which require martial arts discipline, endurance, flexibility and creativity.

Regular troupe members meet regularly to practice routines, refine techniques, increase strength and endurance, build community and teamwork and prepare for performances. Yi Quan performs year-round at a variety of events and occasions, ranging from weddings, special functions, celebrations, to major festivals.

We have changed our troupe name to Yi Quan Athletic Association on April 2010.


Traditionally, because lion dance requires discipline, skill and mastery and represents a symbol of power, courage and justice. Yi Quan was formed to achieve the following goals:

  • To give our members the opportunity to learn and perform a traditional Chinese martial art form that has been passed down for many centuries.
  • To challenge ourselves to realize our physical potential and achieve excellence in the lion dance community.
  • To empower our members to break through the traditional stereotypes and limited roles.
  • To build teamwork and cooperation among each other.